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From Mind & Spirit to Pen & Paper.

I wrote this book when I thought I could find no hope in a situation completely hopeless but instead I found more than hope, I found myself..

This book is more than something to read; it's self-helpful, motivational, philosophical, romantic, poetic, spiritual and enlightening. I ask that you not take what you read lightly but to really take it for what it's worth. This book is a season of flavor from God through me. Parables, riddles, and subliminals in between these lines of my vulnerability. I lay my trials, tribulations, and triumphs down from pen to paper to show that even in the most desperate, hopeless, dark, and sorrowful positions in life, a diamond can be created. I took what I went through and turned it into a blessing beyond recognition because I chose to recognize God as leader of my life and indescribable blessings have been appearing ever since then..


- Jose R. Coronado

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Jesus Christ; Redeemer; Sovereign; King


Theology; Poetry; Love


Conscience; Mind; Thought-Life